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Many of our valued customers have been very pleased with the performance of the Hydrema 912 and 922 and the service which AJK provide.

“We used the Hydrema 922 dump truck on our site and found it very beneficial. We will definitely be hiring through them again. The floatation tyres on the Hydrema 922c proved vital in the wet weather maintaining a low ground pressure while managing to easily move large loads across boggy terrain. 
The long reach excavator was the only plant that could do the job with it's 15m reach.  We hired the plant for 2 months and AJK were very helpful throughout.  Also, the hiring process through AJK Plant Hire Ltd was a very smooth and efficient one.  A high quality job all round”
 Eric Whittle – Celtic Technologies

Mick Wilkinson, Managing Director of MWS Contracts Ltd commented how well the Hydremas perform.
“The fuel economy of both models of Hydrema is remarkable and well worth taking into account in today’s uncertain financial climate.
The wide floatation tyres fitted to the 912 and 922 offer very low ground bearing pressure, protecting the site and environment from unnecessary damage.
The Hydremas are no slouches when it comes to speed either, which is a bonus when moving earth around a large site”.

“We are very pleased with the machines hired from AJK. The 922 is a great machine on golf course construction. Low ground pressure is vital when moving earth around a golf course as it protects the surrounding areas from damage by earth works. The low floatation tyres are a must-have for such work” (Martin Sternberg – Sternberg Golf Services)

Bryn Winston, Managing Director of BPG Sports Grounds Ltd used the Fully Automated Laser Guide system on a Caterpillar D6N LGP Bulldozer. Bryn has also hired other machines through AJK.
“The top strip topsoil contained a high content of glass which meant that it had to be screened. We needed to spread this screened topsoil to a depth of 75mm over a whole area of approximately 6000m² which meant that the sub-base tolerance had to be accurate. Imported top soil needed to be spread as a capping to the screened topsoil to a depth of 100mm. The D6N with the Trimble GCS400 Laser system, combined with the skill of the AJK machine operator was ideal for delivering these fine grading tolerances.
We have hired many machines through AJK in the past and we would highly recommend them to other businesses. The machines are all well maintained and the standard of service provided and knowledge level is second to none”.

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