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Hydrema 922c (22 tonne load capacity): See 922c Case Study
Low Ground Pressure of only 82 kilopascal (11.9 psi)
800mm Floatation Tyres, 253hp, 6 Wheel Drive, Tail Gate

At only 11.9 PSI, the 922c is the ultimate Low Ground Pressure dump truck.

It is a unique alternative to standard 25 tonne ADTs and we are confident you will be impressed with its performance.

Hydrema 922C

Hydrema 912d Multi-tip (12 tonne load capacity): See our 912d Multi-tip
Low Ground Pressure of only 120 kilopascal (17.5 psi)
Floatation Tyres, 123hp, 4 Wheel Drive, Multi-tip

With its unique swivel facility, the 912D Multitip offers a unique option for material distribution on sites in which there are space restrictions for manoeuving.

Hydrema 912C
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